Juno - border collie

A day in the life of a puppy

Nine weeks old border collie Juno is showing how looks like one of her days.

She is staying with us just for a month and a half (before going to her owner in Norway). It is always super busy and fun having a puppy in the house... You can see why in the video below:

In this time I plan to get her used of some basics like:

  • getting her house-trained,
  • used of walking on leash nicely,
  • work on recalls (practice pronunciation of Norwegian commands on the way),
  • get her used to her crate and being alone at home,
  • teach some self-control around food and toys, ...

On top of this essential and necessary knowledge, we will have loads of fun while:

  • playing, playing and some more playing,
  • learning new tricks for better body awareness and balance,
  • meeting new places, people, animals, surfaces, sounds, ...
  • and enjoy some cuddling in between.

With my crazy schedule, not two days in her life with me are alike. We do try to have a morning routine with a walk (she gets carried in the backpack if we go for a long walk), some play and some mental stimulation before she gets her morning round of rest in the crate. In the afternoon she accompanies me everywhere I go, and I try to use every occasion to have some fun with her.

She is one super cool little puppy!