Don't let your puppy become one of those...

During the first 8 to 20 weeks of your puppy's life, you can expect them to learn 400% FASTER than any adult dog!

So our fun puppy games have been created to help you take advantage of this phase of accelerated learning to teach your puppy to be well-behaved.

Become the best team with your dog
By using fun, positive reinforcement, motivation & games!
Through the deep understanding of dog’s thoughts and long-term experience with working dogs, we found the formula! Our structured training help dog owners raise well-behaved dogs that are EASY to LIVE with but still maintain a GREAT DESIRE to WORK.

Ready to ENRICH your dog’s life with PURPOSE and MEANING?
News & Training Tips
Clipping nails for the first time
There’s a lot you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy, but when you have a little puppy at home you don’t want to forget about his nails. Find out about our best practices that ensure dog's positive experience with nail clipping.
From a troublemaker to a well-behaved puppy
Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time in our life, filled with love, cuddling and overwhelmed by all the cuteness. But your little furry friend doesn’t come without challenges that require some work and an unlimited amount of patience.
It’s happening…
We're having fun at Doggy Unifursity. Check out the video and stay tuned for more!
Meet Katja & Tina
“Everything starts with a dream. And all our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them.”
We’re Katja & Tina – two girls who decided to make our dreams come true.
A couple of years ago our paths crossed in the dog sport. We discovered we share similar ideas, goals, passion, became good friends and decided to help dog owners build a true bond with their dogs.