puppy Boogie

From a troublemaker to a well-behaved puppy

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time in our life, filled with love, cuddling and overwhelmed by all the cuteness. But your little furry friend doesn’t come without challenges that require some work and an unlimited amount of patience.

puppy Boogie

You have to keep in mind that puppy cuteness will eventually fade away and before that time comes, you have to raise a happy, balanced and polite dog. When you set the right foundation, the transition from puppy to the adult dog will go a lot more smoothly. It often happens the owners don’t realize how much attention, exercise, training, and patience a puppy would require, especially as that ball of fluff grows into a bigger, stronger dog.

How did we deal with puppy whining?

Like any puppy also Boogie brought some expected (and less expected) puppy challenges. Don’t misunderstand, he was and is a fantastic puppy, but he had some (or better to say a lot of) problems with staying alone in his crate or anywhere else for that matter.

This is quite common with puppies - they have probably never been alone in their lives. Since their birth, they have been surrounded with littermates, their mum and people. Dogs are highly social animals and therefore requires adequate preparation for spending some time on their own. So, it is only fair to take some time and get the new arrival used to his new home, his place to rest and gradually also being alone for a little while.

Since Boogie was quite "a screamer," we started working on this from day one. He was able to settle down in his crate with one of us staying nearby in the first week, in the second week he ran into the box happily, and we could leave the room for shorter periods. Before he was four months old, he could relax, fell asleep and wait on his own for 4 hours without complaining.

puppy boogie sleeping

How did we puppy train him so easily and in such a short time?

In our next posts, we will explain how and why we are doing that and address specific problems any puppy might get. It's really much easier to deal with tiny problems before they evolve in the big ones.

Our case study will be supported with useful videos and some insider tips from our puppy training course, so there will be absolutely no fluff!

Stay tuned.