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tina solar

Tina Šolar

Agility, Rally Obedience, FCI Obedience trainer

I was probably born with a great love for animals and the greatest passion for working with dogs. We always had a dog in my parent's house when growing up.

I remember getting my first book about dog breeds, breeding and taking care of the dogs when I was about eight years old - and that was the first “serious” book I read voluntarily from cover to cover… many, many times.

I always helped taking care of our family dog, but I didn't get my own till I was about 17. At that age I was mature enough, I knew I wanted to do agility (I got goosebumps every time I saw it on TV)  and try some other dog sports, so only logical decision seemed to get a border collie.

That is how it all started with Mak - my perfect dog full of challenges for an inexperienced girl. But at the same time the best teacher I could ever have. We tried everything from search & rescue, frisbee, to obedience and herding but got addicted to agility that remained our number one activity until the end of his "sports" career.

Not long after Mak, Mi came into my life - a perfect little workaholic that got me into the world of commercials and showed me the beauty of obedience.

Vip was probably the easiest puppy I will ever have, but took me through a completely new set of motivational challenges. She is my most beloved “barkinator” that got me to the agility world championship and fulfilled one of my biggest dreams - to see and experience the big competition from the other point of view.

With all of my dogs, I competed in the highest level of agility, did some herding and rally obedience. In the last couple of years, I am discovering the beauty of FCI obedience.

I love to have fun with my dogs, develop a great bond, connection and understanding through every single activity we do. And the more we do, the more fun we have!


  • Mi
  • Vip
  • Mak
  • Boogie

Pedigree name: Atiya Maiara
Breed: Border collie
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 15.5.2007

  • Agility A3
  • RO 4
  • FCI Obedience grade OB 2
  • BGH 1
  • B-BH

Best results:

  • Gara Obedience ENCI (22.5.2016) - 1st place




Training videos:

katja vogrinec

Katja Vogrinec

FCI Obedience trainer, breeder

Dogs are part of my life since early childhood. My wish for a 4 legged friend became a reality for my 7th birthday when I got a poodle named Lumpi. From that moment we became inseparable friends.

Soon after I moved in with my partner we bought a Swiss white shepherd Bela. And with her, I really stepped into cynology. From the beginning, we started with active training.

That was also the time when I due to injuries stopped with professional tennis career but my desire for competitions and the daily commitment remained.

That is why I and Bela soon took our first obedience competition and ended up 3rd. Many successful exams followed (BBH, RO1, FCI OB1, IPO 1, IPO FPr3) and active participation in obedience and tracking competitions.

Bela's character and health allowed me to try out in the breeding. My partner and I are co-owners of a micro kennel Vom Weissen Unterberg, where the dogs are at first family members. Our goal is to breed healthy and stable White Swiss Shepherds who are suitable as family dogs or for working.

In the first weeks, while puppies are with us,  we try to give them the best experiences for the future and prepare them for the world. With this in mind, we prepared the special program which ensures that our puppies are self-confident and they go to their new homes with positive experiences.

Dogs are part of my profession for five years, my partner and I also run a premium doggy daycare and hotel named Pasja Hisa, where our guest are treated as family members. I try my best to make their short stays as pleasant and fun as possible so we enjoy each others company.

Learning new things is a personal challenge for me, on the other hand, boredom is the worst thing it could happen. And because of that, I tried myself in FCI Obedience, where challenges never run out.

We are regularly participating in new seminars and courses and newly learned things try on state and international competitions. With the youngest member of our pack Quant, we also compete in IPO, which with its variety additionally extends my horizons.


  • Alfa
  • Quant
  • Bela
  • LiLu

Pedigree name: Alfa Anu vom Weissen Unterberg
Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
Sex: Female
Date of  birth 07.02.2015

  • FCI Obedience grade OB2
  • IPO FPr1 exam
  • BGH1
  • RO1
  • B-BH

Best results:

  • 3rd place OB1 Hundeschule ÖGV St. Andrä, 23. July 2016, judge: Mr. Christian Steinlechner, AUS
  • 2nd place OB1, FCI Obedience competition Prague, CZ, 21. January 2018: Very Good: 248,5 points, judge: Ms.Marie Vágenknechtová, CZ
  • 1st place OB1, FCI Obedience competition Corno di Rosazzo, IT, 10. March 2018: Excellent; 293 points – CONDITION FOR OB2, judge: Mr.Marie Vágenknechtová, IT
  • 4th place OB2, 3rd FCI Obedience WSS specialty Prague, CZ, 8. April 2018, judge: Lucia Stemmerová, CZ



Training videos:

Raising puppies: