Our story


"Everything starts with a dream. And all our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them."

We are two girls who decided to make our dreams come true because TEAMWORK makes OUR DREAM WORK! We are both in the canine’s world for quite some time now, meeting new dogs, puppies, and their owners on daily basis.

While Tina is teaching in her own dog school Pasji Šolar, fostering puppies and training dogs for commercials, Katja is a founder of premium dog hotel Pasja hiša, daily animating and taking care of the canine guest and successfully breeding white swiss shepherds in kennel vom Weissen Unterberg.

A couple of years ago our paths crossed in dog sports. We discovered we share similar ideas, goals, passion, became good friends and decided to work as a team towards our dreams - helping dog owners become the best team with their dog while having as much fun as possible on their way! 

Our goal is to raise well-behaved dogs that are easy to live with, with great desire to work.

Join us on our journey, we believe we can enrich your and your's dog life!